FSMK Summer Camp – 2015 at Reva University, Bangalore

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Plugin Inaugural Session

A great introductory session to FOSS and GLUGs. I’m sure we all know that the ‘free’ in free software means ‘freedom’ by now. 😛 The volunteers did a great job finding relevant information on various topics like FOSS, Linux, Open Hardware, Open Source Communities. And getting the right people together like the senior faculty member Anand Sir and the FSMK core member Raghuram.


Learnt a lot about how to get into the Open Source world and that we don’t need to be coders to contribute to the community. Most communities train junior members themselves. Other aspects like bug reporting, bug fixing, feature inclusion, documentation also play a big part in making code more accessible and manageable.

After listening to experiences of the 5th Sem students Abhiram and Karan, felt relieved that they are also human, and that they reached where they are due to hard work and perseverance. The ideas that they presented on how sessions would be conducted this year is interesting in that it will be more hands-on. Small groups working on mini-projects.

Discussion about relevant technologies that are currently being developed and used was useful. Especially the first time I saw Abhiram’s phone which ran the web-based Firefox OS. Suryoday showed us and Arduino which he had coded to blink it’s on-board LEDs. He also explained the various applications of Open Hardware like Arduino. Indra gave us an intro to BCI i.e. Brain Computer Interface…a lot like Telekinesis.  


Hearing the students’ experience at the recently conducted FSMK 9 day camp was interesting too. They had focused on Web based technologies like HTML, JS, CSS, related JS frameworks like Bootstrap.js and NO.js, backend-frontend integration and backend server and database systems like MongoDB. They also completed mini-projects.


Anand Sir gave an inspiring speech about the values involved when contributing to the Open Source world. Perseverance, Humility and Patience. Sir said that he’ll invite interested members of the industry to some of our sessions related to their domain. By involving members from the industry, we can learn more about the current industry standards and adapt to it.


With the planning for the current semester, the new democratic methods, the higher level of interactivity and the faculty and seniors guiding us looks like Plugin is going down the right path. Here’s to the awesome sessions ahead!

Sujith Sudarshan,
3rd Sem ISE ‘B’


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Curtains open! PLUGIN 2014-15 kick starts

We are glad to host the inaugural session of PLUGIN for the year 2014-15 on Wednesday, 13th of August at room 202.

Time: 3.45 – 5.00 PM

Register here: http://bit.ly/pluginreg

Agenda: Drop in to find out!

Pre-requisites: Just be there with an open mind.

If you have any queries, post a comment here!

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When FSMK brought order from chaos . 14.07

Must read for all those who missed out on the 9-day awesomeness!

The Adventures of the Saucepan Man

It’s a cruel and random world, but the chaos is all so beautiful.

-Hiromu Arakawa, Manga Artist

This is a long blog post. One that will make you smile at the end of it all. Don’t fret. Read on. Relive the memories. And enjoy the chaos.

Free Software Movement Karnataka (FSMK) loves chaos. We love patterns. We love problems and we love to solve them.
One of our executive members, Vikram Vincent, said “Learn to approach a problem differently. Try something called Socratic questioning. A problem always has a solution. But arriving at the solution involves pursuing the thought in many directions and for many purposes, including exploring complex ideas, to get to the truth of things” . And that is precisely what we did. We pulled a rabbit out of a hat. Just that the rabbit was never inside it.

FSMK has a long history of pulling off events…

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Summer camp is back! [ Goals | FSMK Camps | July 2014 ]

Our content team led by Vijay Kulkarni and Vikram Vincent are finally
out with the main topics to be covered during the camp. With emergence
of HTML5 and all mobile operating systems, especially Android, and the
relatively new Firefox OS and Ubuntu Touch supporting HTML5 apps, we
have decided to keep the focus mainly on Web technologies this time.

With the revelations by Edward Snowden about the various ways,
agencies both private and public have been encroaching into the
privacy of people, we also strongly believe that technically
cryptography is the only way to go ahead. Hence we will also focus on
Cryptographic tools which will help you protect online privacy, which
will also give you a very good idea on how Internet works. If all this
seems to big for you to grasp, dont get scared. We will cover right
from basic introduction to using GNU/Linux distribution and shell
commands and then slowly sail into the world of web technologies and
cryptography. Remember the idea of the camp is not to make you expert
in a technology but to give you a good start with various technologies
so that you can then explore much more yourself and with many more
friends that you make during the camp.

Please “Like” the Facebook page here for further updates. 

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My first Hands-on session @ PLUGIN!!

“Death is the number two fear that people have, and public speaking is the first.” -Sidney Sheldon

It was for the very first time that I was going to take a session for a group of people. It was extremely scary and I was very nervous. I had chosen the Friday after my internals and began to prepare that very wednesday when they got over. I in no way wanted to disappoint my audience and wanted to be one hundred percent prepared in whatever I was doing.

I chose to do a hands-on session on Networking which included basic TCP/IP commands. Initially everyone created their own small network by tethering their laptops to their phones and later we made a bigger network by connecting all the laptops to the router we set up. To ensure that they appreciate the learning experience, it was important to demonstrate practical applications of the commands being introduced.These applications had to be something that the listeners could implement and would help grab their interests. After talking about the basic concepts and commands, I showed them how they could set up a port scanner and a basic network scanner. The most interesting part about the entire session was when we tried MAC ID filtering and they were also able to change the MAC ID of the network interface card of their own laptop for that particular session. Using these concepts we went on to try MAC ID spoofing which was a lot of fun! Here we had everyone gain access to the router inspite of the fact that their MAC IDs would normally be denied permission!! It made my session very interactive.


I couldn’t have done my session without the help of Karan Jain, who helped me right from calming me down when I was afraid and having my back everytime I was stuck.

It was a great session and I enjoyed a lot and hope the rest enjoyed it as much!!

By Himanshi Chetwani

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Our journey on the “Untrodden Path”

“I shall be telling this with a sigh
Somewhere ages and ages hence:
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I,
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference. “

For a group of students from PESIT- South Campus, the journey along ‘the road less traveled’ started with the their PLUGIN group. A journey to explore new frontiers and experience the true of power in technology.

When we began our journey as engineers, we were quite aloof to the power of open source. Our strengths were confined to the world of proprietary software. And then came in PLUGIN, an eye opener into a world where power was in our very own hands. A world with so much to offer.

That is when we decided to tread on the untrodden path. As many of us were newcomers, those who have already been associated with the team for a while guided us. It all began with making us realize how our present world is running in parallel with the world of open source, where the power does not lie in the hands of a few. We realized how we too can contribute and make a difference.

With a lot of enthusiasm, the process of discovery and experimentation began. In our first session for the academic year, two members of the team helped us get acquainted with the immensely astonishing tools of Arduino and Raspberry Pi. With small projects, they demonstrated how we can automate the world around us using these simple tools. We do not need expertise in the fields of electronics or programming for either. Our imagination will suffice. And then, the sky is the limit.

Our second session was about networking and how the ever-fascinating world of the internet works. After all, we live in the era of the internet and this knowledge could sure come in handy. What once seemed like a complicated process then seemed like a piece of cake, thanks to our team and their experience. We experimented with our MAC ids and were quite surprised to realize that it was possible to change them and even clone them! And two users could access a device via the same MAC id!

The session ended on a positive note with a call for action. Now that the journey into exploration had begun and we had set out on ‘the road less traveled’, it was time to gear ourselves for it. After all, this was just the beginning. As the real challenge lies not in making a choice but in sticking to it. With plans to get together and perform some hacks and contribute to the world of open source, we all set out on an untrodden path. Indeed, a spark has been ignited. We just have to keep it burning.

By Bhoomika Agarwal

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